Evan Rachel Wood was born on in Raleigh, North Carolina on the 7th of September 1987. She comes from a family of artists. Her mother, Sara Wood, is an actress and acting coach and her father Ira David Wood III works as a theater actor and director. She has two older brothers: Thomas Wood and Ira Wood IV and a sister, Dana. All of them have acting backgrounds, performing at Theatre In The Park in Raleigh which was founded by her father. Their aunt, Carol Winstead Wood works as a Hollywood production designer.
Wood started as a theater performer in the same theater where her father works, making appearances in the play Ghost of Christmas Past and The Miracle Worker. When her parents separated and later got divorced in 1996, she moved with her mother in Los Angeles, California.
For a short period of time, Wood attended Cary Elementary in Cary, North Carolina. Most of her academic years were spent at home and she received her high school diploma when she was 15.
In 1994, Woods started to appear in a number TV shows, playing in the series American Gothic. She did one season for the sci-fi drama, Profiler then joined the show Once and Again playing the role of Jessie Sammler.
Her first major silver screen project was for a low-budget film Digging to China which also starred Mary Stuart Masterson and Kevin Bacon. The film bagged the Children’s Jury Award at the Chicago International Children’s Film . She also appeared in the fantasy film Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, playing Bullock’s daughter.
In 2002, Rachel landed a lead role in Little Secrets. The next year, she became a part of the teen drama Thirteen. Her performance in this drama garnered nominations in the Golden Globes. From 2003 to 2005, Wood starred in a few movies including The Missing in 2003, Upside Anger in 2005 and the indie movie Pretty Persuasion in 2005.
Rachel continued her progressive career. In 2006, she was casted in Running with Scissors and in Across the Universe where she sang her version of the Beatles’ song, ‘If I fell’. In the movie The Wrestler launched in 2008, she played the estranged daughter of Mickey Rourke. She’s also co-starred with Woody Allen in the 2009 film Whatever Works. For a couple of seasons, Wood also became a part of the vampire series True Blood. In 2011, she continue to work in cable TV projects and played Kate Winslet’s daughter in the miniseries Mildred Pierce. She received an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actor in this project. In 2016, Wood works with HBO again with the fantasy sci-fi thriller Westworld.
Aside from acting, Woods also did music records. She sang ‘’I’d have you anytime’’ which is a part of an album Chimes of Freefom. Wood is also a member of the electro-pop duo Rebel and Basketcase where she plays alongside Zach Villa.
Personal Life:
Wood met actor Jamie Bell on a Green Day music video. They have been on an on-and-off relationship but in 2011, the couple rekindled their relationship. They married in 2012 but divorced after 19 months.
In the year in between her relationship with Jamie, it was publicly revealed that Woods was dating rocker Marilyn Manson. They split in 2008 and later got back together announcing an engagement in January 2010. Wood and Manson called off their engagement the same year.
In 2016, Wood revealed in a Rolling Stone interview that she was a rape victim. She later on revealed more details about her experience and confessed that she was in fact raped twice. She shared she’s still suffering from the bitter experience and that she’s sharing her story to help other survivors.

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